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Designed to add volume and/or length to fine hair-

With no heat, chemicals, or braids involved, it's no wonder that this method has become a salon favorite

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What is a micro weft?

"Micro weft" refers to the type of weft used in our extension installations. A micro weft stands out as the most delicate weft option available on the market, skillfully designed to sit flat against your head for optimal comfort and a seamless blend with your natural hair. At The Parlour, we take immense pride in being one of the first few salons in the UK to offer this type of weft. 

How are they installed?

Distinguishing itself from other methods, our Micro Weft application avoids the use of glue or heat Instead, we utilize specially designed micro beads that create a discreet track within your hair. These beads are lined with silicone to provide protection for your natural hair. The weft is then securely sewn onto the micro ring track. Our clients appreciate that this attachment remains contained within this specific area, eliminating the need for multiple attachment areas across the scalp.

IMG_8898 2.JPG
IMG_8898 2.JPG

How long do they last?

With a Micro Weft fitting, you can enjoy the extensions for a duration of 8-10 weeks, the hair can be refitted 2-3 times. The lifespan of the hair depends on following the recommended aftercare advice, which your stylist will always discuss with you. The weft installation itself is very secure, requiring minimal maintenance and causing zero damage to your natural hair. So you can spend less time worrying and more time flaunting your new locks with complete peace of mind.  Our full Maintenance manual can be found here

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